NASCAR (Pig Tail Sally)
Words by Vincent Ives Polden/Missy Guthrie
Music by Missy Guthrie
Pig Tail Sally, grew up in the valley, she drove a car that was red, white, and blue
She loved kickin back, drivin at the track
She was all Nascar, through and through
She told her daddy that #5 is the car I’ll drive, and Daddy, I will be front of the pack
Drivin me a Nascar, yeah, I’m gonna be a star
Once I get front……I ain’t lookin back
She’s hell on wheels, she knows her direction, red lipstick, tight jeans
She’s got all the men crazy pickin up her momentum, her velocity is running the scene!
Yeah she knows what she wants in this big ol’ world, her drive is gonna take her far
Leading the front now Daddy’s little girl is a star… her #5 Nascar…..
She finally had a slot, was driving really hot, found someone to sponsor her a car
She ate up the tarmac, she aint looking back
You could smell the burn of rubber and tar
© 2011 C. Melissa Guthrie


Reminiscing (Clyde’s Song)
Words by Missy Guthrie/Clyde Brunaugh
Music by Missy Guthrie
He said there are times when those in our lives
Will leave or take a place in our heart
They help make us people that we choose to be
We learn from them, to become who we are
I said Clyde; you’re my good friend that I call my brother
For this I am blessed
Those that you talk about, tell me of one whom
You like to most reminisce?  
PRE CHORUS:           
He said after my day’s work is over
And I sit down to rest for a time
My thoughts go back to my yesterdays
And that old sweetheart of mine
I think of her often while resting I guess
It’s because I miss her so much
She was all that I ever wanted
With her soft gentle smile and touch
She had beauty beyond description
And a soul so tender and kind
She was every man’s dream of perfection
And I always thought she was mine
I’d give a whole lot to see her and hold her
Close one more time
But maybe I’ll see her up yonder
That old sweetheart of mine
He looked out the window, then down to his folded hands…
I saw a tear in his eye.
His distance had rendered a genuine calm…
As if feeling the splendor of time
The peace that surrounded his person was clear…
As he looked up and said with a smile
There once was a day only ages away….
When she was mine for a while.
But she’s gone now she left with another
Who came like a thief in the night
And stole her away with his sweet talk
And his schemes of a better life
But I wonder sometimes if she’s happy
Or if maybe she’s lonely and sad
Remembering our days together
And the wonderful times that we had
© 2011 C. Melissa Guthrie


There is Nothing Like the Safe Feeling of Home
Words and music by Missy Guthrie
To the Astronaut … it’s the call to home base
From a voyage of exploring our infinite space
Imagine his point of view as he looks at his world…..
There is nothing like the safe feeling of home
To the soldier … it’s courage and strength to defend
His freedom back home to his native land
Imagine his feeling of pride as his flag is unfurled……
There is nothing like the safe feeling of home
Home is where the heart leads to
Mine is the peace in your arms
Guarding my world with your love so true
You’re my shelter against all storms                       
Yeah to the Baseball player….it’s a loaded home run
His grand slam hit’s that ball to the sun
Imagine his path as he reaches for that shield…..
There is nothing like the safe feeling of home           
There is nothing like the safe feeling of home     
© 2011 C. Melissa Guthrie


Words by Missy Guthrie
Music by John Guthrie
Staring at the clock, I tell him right to his face
Your goin way too slow –wish you would pick up the pace
You’re just tickin along there And I’ve got better things to do…….
Focus what’s in front of me
Work is good-but finally
It’s quittin time and Im headin on home to you
Put on my blue jeans the ones with the holes
Hop in the jeep and just go, go, go!
No lookin back at the dust we leave behind……
Keep lookin forward and pressing on
Taking our time and just singing our song
These hours are ours lets see what we can find
I wish each moment spent with you could last 
Slow down time-your goin way too fast
You’re just tickin along there  And I’ve got so much I wanna do……
Look at who’s in front of me
Time and all Eternity
You make my world, and I’m heading up this road with you
A moment, a distance, a point in one’s lif
Can you put a time frame around a smile?
Can you measure a feeling, a laugh, or a cry?
Is the extent of truth more than a million miles?
© 2011 C. Melissa Guthrie