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About Us

Missy Guthrie 

Anything that requires energy has always been fun to me.  I have always enjoyed singing, and now with the opportunity to express through writing and share with others, I am grateful. I really love the energy that banters back and forth from the crowd.....it can be addictive. Playing music with my friends.....can be a rush....very rewarding experience!

John Guthrie

I was in several rock bands here in the Northwestern Pacific in the 70’s, playing lead guitar and singing lead. After retiring for about a decade, I got back into playing and performing when my wife and I put together our country band, ‘MissyG Band’. Now

I enjoy playing bass guitar, keys, and backing vocals. I must say over the past several years the band has been a real success, as we have enjoyed the many venues and audiences in sharing our music and energy.

Barb Crowell
Barb is a pedal steel guitar and keyboard player living in Western Washington. She has played piano, pipe organ, and synths since she was young. Twelve years ago , she found a passion for the pedal steel guitar. She studied with one of the icons of the steel guitar world, Maurice Anderson, and enjoys playing rock, country, jazz, and gospel music. Barb uses the Universal E9/B6 tuning on her pedal steel.

Paul Wieneke
Paul plays guitars, mandolin, harmonicas and sings background vocals.   He is a semi-retired elementary principal who has performed in schools from Alaska to Mexico to New Zealand. Paul and Barb comprise another duo-band called Boomer Madness. 

Rick Lewis  - Drums, Percussion


Playing drums has always been a passion of mine.

Through out the years I have had the opportunity to play with some amazing musicians and make life long friends..
Performing with local bands through out Washington State,
Playing everything from Hard Rock to Blue Eyed Soul..
I realized that Country Music is where it's at..
and found a home with the MissyG Band..